Kamis, 28 Desember 2017

Go Or Not To Bali?

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These days are the most happies day in my life and yours too :)  because of long holiday.Another happiness thing is that my mother is visiting me. Usually I visit her once in a month. But this month she wants to visit me. Me and my kids are very happy. In this month there is school holiday and Christmas holiday. No wonder many of my neighbour is going home to their parents or go to Bali for vacation. My husband and my parents in-law planned to go to Bali but my other close relative in Jakarta also married, so i dont know this planning would run or not. It has been almost 10 years i havent go to Bali. My last time visit Bali was when I was in college. It must be very beautiful now. 

Actually, since I have my second child i really...really want to go to Bali. But my second child doesnt like to travel that take a long duration. She is easily sick. So, we often delay our journey to Bali. She also has suffered typus for three times. Therefore, im really carefull to this decision.

I finally decided not to go to Bali in this holiday because my husband still tired from Jakarta. Btw, Happy Long Holiday Every One. Maybe we can go to Bali next Time. 

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