Selasa, 20 Maret 2018

My Wedges Looks Wow On you, dear!

It has been a long time i didnt post anything. Because I was busy with my another blog. So, I guess this is a perfect time to post a new story.
And here is my story.......
A couple months ago I buy a wedges in online store. I was atracted to buy this wedges, because it is cheaper, nice style and also there is discount  party at that time.
It was my first time to buy shoes in online store. My foot size number is actually 37 but i make it 38. I am afraid it would not fit.
I buy it Rp. 60.000,00. Cheap isnt it?
I actually like buy on online store, but not for shoes. This was my husband's idea. :0
My wedges arrived in two days.
Everything is so perfect, it was match with my foot, and light. But, it was not look like what i see in the commercial. Which it said it was branded shoes. But, it was look like wedges which made in Bandung, West Java.
Hmmmm....i smile to my self.
Not for long, I get pregnant so I dont wear that wedges for a long-long time. Cause it is 9 cm tall, it is risk for pregnant woman.
Now, i can only watch that wedges wore by Lala. Yes, she often wears it at home. She looks happy when wear  that wedges.LOL. She walked like a model. Walk around living room, kitchen and then back again. She is a real entertainer. Ha..ha...ha.....

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