Selasa, 20 Maret 2018

My Wedges Looks Wow On you, dear!

It has been a long time i didnt post anything. Because I was busy with my another blog. So, I guess this is a perfect time to post a new story.
And here is my story.......
A couple months ago I buy a wedges in online store. I was atracted to buy this wedges, because it is cheaper, nice style and also there is discount  party at that time.
It was my first time to buy shoes in online store. My foot size number is actually 37 but i make it 38. I am afraid it would not fit.
I buy it Rp. 60.000,00. Cheap isnt it?
I actually like buy on online store, but not for shoes. This was my husband's idea. :0
My wedges arrived in two days.
Everything is so perfect, it was match with my foot, and light. But, it was not look like what i see in the commercial. Which it said it was branded shoes. But, it was look like wedges which made in Bandung, West Java.
Hmmmm....i smile to my self.
Not for long, I get pregnant so I dont wear that wedges for a long-long time. Cause it is 9 cm tall, it is risk for pregnant woman.
Now, i can only watch that wedges wore by Lala. Yes, she often wears it at home. She looks happy when wear  that wedges.LOL. She walked like a model. Walk around living room, kitchen and then back again. She is a real entertainer. Ha..ha...ha.....

Kamis, 28 Desember 2017

Go Or Not To Bali?

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These days are the most happies day in my life and yours too :)  because of long holiday.Another happiness thing is that my mother is visiting me. Usually I visit her once in a month. But this month she wants to visit me. Me and my kids are very happy. In this month there is school holiday and Christmas holiday. No wonder many of my neighbour is going home to their parents or go to Bali for vacation. My husband and my parents in-law planned to go to Bali but my other close relative in Jakarta also married, so i dont know this planning would run or not. It has been almost 10 years i havent go to Bali. My last time visit Bali was when I was in college. It must be very beautiful now. 

Actually, since I have my second child i really...really want to go to Bali. But my second child doesnt like to travel that take a long duration. She is easily sick. So, we often delay our journey to Bali. She also has suffered typus for three times. Therefore, im really carefull to this decision.

I finally decided not to go to Bali in this holiday because my husband still tired from Jakarta. Btw, Happy Long Holiday Every One. Maybe we can go to Bali next Time. 

Rabu, 11 Januari 2017

Mommy I Want To Buy Ice Cream !!


At my little kid Lala went home from School. She is  in second grade of Muslim Primary School.  When I was a little bit late in picking her home she will be angry. Therefore I promise to my self not late anymore. If I late I always contact my friend or Lala's teacher first. So Lala will not be worried. 

Lala's hobby is snacking. There are many snacking seller in her school like ice cream, candy, chocolate crepes, fried sausage  bla bla bla. I permit her only can buy them once in 2 days. If i permit her in every day, im afraid she will be spoiled and too many sweets will ruin her teeth. And I dont like that and I just want to be a good mother.

Time goes bye...and as usual before went back home she wants to buy ice cream in her school. She has been ready with her cow purse and her smiling face. 
Oke, mommy will wait you here dear...I said.

You can imagine 12 pm is so hot.  That's why i dont want too long in school. I dont want my skin burnt ha ha.
Then i wait Lala in my motor cycle. 
5 minutes....10 minutes...15 minutes....omg why she is too long? 

Surprisingly she already behind me and bringing  a paper bag with two colorful chickens in it. She said that the ice cream seller has gone so she wanted to buy the chicks.  
I actually wanted to be angry, but the chicks look so funny. I actually like chicks buat i dont like to keep them at home because they will make my home mess.
Can i keep them mom? Can I? 
Oke we will keep them, but you have to feed them.
Oke she said.
The first chicken died in 1 week, and the second chick died eaten by my neighbour cat.
Lala is crying so bad. However, she is indeed love animals. 


Minggu, 01 Januari 2017

OMG Where Is My Calculator ??

This story begins at 2012, at that time Lala was aged 3 years old. She was a cheerfull girl and talkative. Just like me hmmm. Like mother like daughter. 
At that time we have a teribble disaster, there was a theft at my home. My handphone and my laptop were stolen. Me and my husband were very sad. May be it was caused there was no fence in my house at that time and there was no security surround.
This made us more carefull in everything.

At that time I already have a hobby of sewing. Sewing has been part of my self. When I havent married I like to make cake, decorate cakes and suddenly when I got married, I turn my hobby to sewing. Since that i havent make cakes anymore. Because, once I make a cake my children always disturb and everything became mess. 

Image result for calculator
my calculator looks like this one - google image 
One day I want to make a bolster sleep for my kids, and surely urged me to calculate. Im not very smart in calculating, maths some kind like that he he. Usualy I used my hand phone for calculating since my handphone was stolen i used my calculator.

Image result for guling
bolstersleep - Google Image

As a little child Lala always try to know every thing, she borrowed my calculator one day. Everything that her mama did she always imitated. One day i was looking my calculator everywhere but still can not find it. I ask Lala : Lala, do you know momy's calculator dear?
She shaked her head.
Ive already looking it in the drawer, Lala's toys and every where. And then i want to wash clothes. It seemed that theres no calculator in clothes container. The washing machine worked like usually. When it started to dry i found my calculator in it. OMG, my calculator must be broke. Believe or not it stops for one day and the next day it already fine.
And then I  smile to my self.

Best Regards,

Mama Lala 

Jumat, 30 Desember 2016

Opening Season


This is  my another blog that i dedicate to my lovely children, Lala and Lia. I still learning English, i hope it is good enough to be read. 
Through this blog i would like to gather all the funny memories during they were babies. Maybe when I was getting old and gone hiks.... they still can read their own stories (oooh i almost cry).

My two lovely princes : Lala and Lia (above lia and lala aged 5  months)

To everyone who read this, I hope you can enjoy my writings and have a nice weekend. I also would like to say Happy New Year of  2017, and we do hope 2017 would be better than 2016. Never give up of anything!!

Best Regards,

Mama Lala

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