Rabu, 11 Januari 2017

Mommy I Want To Buy Ice Cream !!


At 12.pm my little kid Lala went home from School. She is  in second grade of Muslim Primary School.  When I was a little bit late in picking her home she will be angry. Therefore I promise to my self not late anymore. If I late I always contact my friend or Lala's teacher first. So Lala will not be worried. 

Lala's hobby is snacking. There are many snacking seller in her school like ice cream, candy, chocolate crepes, fried sausage  bla bla bla. I permit her only can buy them once in 2 days. If i permit her in every day, im afraid she will be spoiled and too many sweets will ruin her teeth. And I dont like that and I just want to be a good mother.

Time goes bye...and as usual before went back home she wants to buy ice cream in her school. She has been ready with her cow purse and her smiling face. 
Oke, mommy will wait you here dear...I said.

You can imagine 12 pm is so hot.  That's why i dont want too long in school. I dont want my skin burnt ha ha.
Then i wait Lala in my motor cycle. 
5 minutes....10 minutes...15 minutes....omg why she is too long? 

Surprisingly she already behind me and bringing  a paper bag with two colorful chickens in it. She said that the ice cream seller has gone so she wanted to buy the chicks.  
I actually wanted to be angry, but the chicks look so funny. I actually like chicks buat i dont like to keep them at home because they will make my home mess.
Can i keep them mom? Can I? 
Oke we will keep them, but you have to feed them.
Oke she said.
The first chicken died in 1 week, and the second chick died eaten by my neighbour cat.
Lala is crying so bad. However, she is indeed love animals. 


2 komentar:

  1. Kayak putri saya nih.
    Pernah pelihara ayam. Tapi ayamnya pada mati, gak cocok kayaknya sama cuaca. Apa karena terlalu kecil, dipisah dari induknya. Entahlah :(

  2. kasian itu anak ayamnya sicat pakai cat apa ya?

    so your daughter like to eating snack? what kind of snack?


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